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March 2019 - Give Wales A Try

The Tourist Trap Rugby Special will be broadcast on Friday 8th March at 10.35pm on BBC One Wales, and will then be available on BBC iPlayer shortly afterwards.

February 2019 – So You Think You Know About Europe? (Or Rugby?) (Or Cars?)

On BBC Sounds now, you can hear my most recent appearance on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show. My set is all about how the UK has viewed the EU or, given the age of some of the clips I was fished out, the EEC.

The whole show is on BBC Sounds now. I start at 8 minutes 30 seconds, but listen to the whole show to hear Jake Yapp and Suzi Ruffell both on top form.

Links to my previous appearances on The Now Show are available on the Watch/Listensection of my website, and the Radio Times listing for the 1979 quiz show “So You Think You Know About Europe?” (which, once you’ve heard my set, you’ll definitely want to check out) is available on the BBC Genome website.

Also available on the BBC website is Gareth Gwynn’s Alternative Archive (which I’ve written about elsewhere on the blog) and also series 26 of Top Gear, on which I did a little bit of work behind the scenes... Not the exotic, far-flung bits - The cold, Dunsfold, aircraft-hanger bits - But nevertheless, it was a lot of fun.

A considerably warmer gig is We Need To Talk About…, Spotify’s topical comedy podcast, presented by Jolyon Rubinstein, on which I’m a regular writer. There’s a new episode out every Friday morning and the whole back-catalogue of the show is available online now.

And finally, we are currently putting the finishing touches to the Tourist Trap Rugby Special, which will be broadcast on BBC One Wales on 8thMarch, the eve of Wales vs. Scotland. Once again I’ve worked with Sian Harriesand Tudur Owen on the plots and scenes for this semi-improvised one-off which sees the whole team return ahead of a second series later in the year.